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About the role of the tensioning device in the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-30
2012-07-08 06:45:00 The tensioning device plays an important role in the belt loading conveyor. It can ensure that the belt conveyor is stretched and stretched. It ensures that the transmission drum and the conveyor belt do not slip, so as to ensure the conveyor can normal operation. The tensioning device plays a very important role in the conveyor, so that the conveyor belt is stretched on the driving roller. The roller belt has the required friction to avoid slippage during operation and effectively prevent the belt. Excessive slack of the supporting roller causes bulk material and increases movement resistance, and solves the change of elastic elongation due to plastic elongation due to tension and transitional conditions. The following introduces several kinds of tie-up devices that are used frequently: At present, the most-used tightening devices include spiral tightening devices, fixed winch tightening devices, gravity tightening devices, and automatic tightening devices. The advantages of each tensioning device in the application are introduced below. The structure of the spiral tensioning device is relatively simple, and the stroke is small and only suitable for short-distance conveying devices. It also has its own shortcomings. After the tape stretches by itself, it cannot be automatically tightened. The structure of the gravity tensioning device is very simple and it is widely used. It uses a heavy hammer to achieve automatic tensioning. It can ensure that the tensioning force is maintained under various conditions and automatically compensate for the elongation of the tape. It is suitable for fixed long-distance transport aircraft with high safety and reliability. It also has shortcomings. The tension force cannot be adjusted and the space requirements are large, and it cannot be used in places with small spaces. The principle of the fixed winch tensioning device is to use a small winch to tighten, with a small size and a large pulling force. Its own disadvantage is that it can only produce a fixed tensioning force after the required tensioning force is adjusted, and it cannot be automatically adjusted. When there is a problem with the control system, the belt conveyor cannot produce a constant tension force or the tension force fails, and the safety and reliability are relatively reduced. The automatic tensioning device is a device that realizes automatic tensioning by the traction of the active roller, and can compensate for the elongation of the tape. The device is mainly composed of a motor, brake, reducer, and steel wire rope drum. When used in conjunction with the self-moving tail, it can realize the movement of the tail and the expansion and contraction of the conveyor belt without stopping the conveyor, which improves the efficiency of the loading conveyor. The pressure sensor automatically controls the degree of tension according to the needs of the conveyor operation. Summary of the article: The tensioning device should be arranged at the place where the belt tension is small. For the length of more than 300m, the horizontal tensioning device should be installed on the unloaded branch close to the driving drum; for the shorter loading conveyor tensioning device, it is more than half a step. It is placed at the tail of the conveyor, and the tail roller is used as a tension roller.
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