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4 tips for preventive maintenance of conveyor belts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
4 tips for preventive maintenance of conveyor belts In all industries, preventive maintenance is important to reduce the risk of failure. belts are no exception. I regularly encourage customers to check the belts frequently to avoid problems in production and prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. Here are some tips for preventive maintenance of loading conveyor belts that you can perform by yourself. Preventive Maintenance Belt Preventive Maintenance belt preventive maintenance involves a detailed inspection of the machine to check for faulty or weakened parts due to wear. Recognizing as early as possible can provide an opportunity to solve the problem. It is easier to correct and take measures to prevent future production problems. This improves reliability and optimizes the service life of the conveyor belt. Some possible problems to look for are belts that are not straight, blocked rollers, broken bearings, damaged fabrics, or belts that often hang or slip. These conditions do not necessarily mean that the belt is broken. Although the belt is often blamed when the machine fails, it is also possible that the bearing or other components of the loading conveyor itself have caused the problem. If the belt is in good condition but the problem still exists, you should carefully check every part of the machine. How to conduct inspections cannot fully emphasize the value of regular eye inspections. By simply checking the visible surfaces and parts, you can save the company time, money and labor.
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