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YiFan talks about the classification of conveyor lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-02

line is a kind of equipment that provides production efficiency. Nowadays, many manufacturers are in order to

In order to improve production efficiency, the production method of conveyor assembly line has been selected. assembly line is a comparative

Convenient, not only has the characteristics of long transportation distance, but also has the advantages of large transportation capacity and convenient production management.

Reduce the labor intensity of operators and save the production cost of enterprises, so the production method of conveyor assembly line transportation,

It has been widely used in many production industries.

Category of conveyor line:
1. line according to product whether to move, yes

It is divided into fixed conveyor line and mobile conveyor line.
2. Whether the conveyor line is diverse according to the variety of products

, can be divided into single-variety conveyor line and multi-variety conveyor line.
3. According to the production method, the conveyor line is

No continuous, can be divided into continuous conveyor line and intermittent conveyor line.
4. assembly line according to the production section

Play, can be divided into forced beat conveyor line and free beat conveyor line.
5. assembly line according to its

The degree of mechanization can be divided into manual conveyor lines, mechanized conveyor lines and automated conveyor lines.

Maintenance of the conveyor line: it can be divided into 3 parts, namely the machine head motor, chain and gearbox, output

The machine head motor of the conveying line must not be allowed to enter the water, nor can it be added with organic compounds. If the chain of the conveyor line is long

Add lubricating oil to its chain. The lubricating oil of the reduction box of the conveyor assembly line should be moderate, not open too much or

Too little. For more information on roller conveyor conveyor lines and unpowered roller conveyor lines, please visit our official website.

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