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YiFan shares fundamental information on drive roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-10

Professional production and sales of roller loading conveyor belt conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will share with you the fundamental information of the drive roller conveyor. The drive roller loading conveyor is the driving force of the conveyor, which can accept the

The load capacity of the material to be delivered. It can be divided into three modes: light, medium and heavy. Drive roller conveyor according to different production process please

It can be made into different materials, usually the stainless steel material with smooth surface on the surface of the roller conveyor is used, and

Rubber overlay with chevron or diamond pattern. The bearing seat of the drive roller conveyor is divided into integral type and split type.

And all oil cups are used to facilitate smooth grease to make the drive roller conveyor smooth, thereby reducing the friction between the roller conveyors.

The same roller conveyor has several different shaft diameters and center spans at the same time

Distance is optional. The herringbone pattern rubber surface has large friction coefficient, good drainage performance and directionality during the transportation of production materials.

, When the staff installs, the herringbone tip should be consistent with the running direction of the conveyor belt. Conveyors that operate in both directions should use diamonds.

shaped pattern, if it is to be used for the production of relatively rare materials, or in important places, it must be covered with vulcanized rubber.

Driving roller conveyor, due to the aging or deformation of the driving roller conveyor, if it continues to disappear under this condition

Excessive work, it is very likely that the production operation cannot stop production, and in severe cases, it may cause mechanical problems, resulting in mechanical failure.

Use again, so that delayed consumption brings serious losses to enterprises.

When using the conveyor equipment, you should keep

It is important to know whether the drive roller conveyor has scum, dust and other accumulations, and it should also be used in the production environment of assembly line production operations.

Some fire and explosion-proof measures such as flame retardant and explosion-proof. Ningbo YiFan is a first-class unpowered roller conveyor manufacturer

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