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YiFan shared: Horizontal installation method of electric roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-10

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor belt loading conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will share with you the horizontal installation method of electric roller conveyors.

The electric roller conveyor can only be watered at all times

Flat installation, parallel to the reversing roller conveyor, perpendicular to the conveyor frame. All electric roller conveyors must be fully supported and fastened to the conveyor frame, and the shaft ends must not be deformed. Both ends of the shaft must be fully supported on the support. When installing the support, the support should be in close contact with the shaft end plane of the electric roller conveyor to ensure that the electric roller conveyor has no axial clearance

. If the support is not used for installation, it must be ensured that more than 80% of the flat part of the shaft end is supported, and the gap between the flat part of the shaft end and the bracket should be less than 0.4mm. When the electric roller loading conveyor is frequently forward, reversed or started/stopped multiple times, there should not be any gaps.

TM80A, TM113A, TM138, TM165, TM174, TM216 and TM320 Drum Motor Shaft End Superscript

With the words 'UP' or 'UP↑

direction (the purpose is to ensure adequate lubrication of the gears); otherwise it will cause excessive noise, overheating of the cylinder and motorized roller conveyors

Complete damage. TM80B, TM113B and TM113M are not limited by the installation direction when they are installed.

The electric roller loading conveyor is installed inclined: TM80A, TM113A and TM138 series inclined angle is more than 2o,

TM80B, TM113B, TM113M, TM165, TM174, TM216 and TM320 series are strictly prohibited when the inclination angle exceeds 4o

; otherwise, the gear cannot be fully lubricated because the internal cooling lubricating oil is concentrated at one end, the heat of the motor cannot be cooled, and the long-term operation

The line will cause damage to the electric roller conveyor. Ningbo YiFan is a first-class manufacturer of electric roller conveyors

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