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YiFan electric roller conveyors are classified by application environment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-05

Professional production and sales of electric roller conveyor belt loading conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will introduce you in detail

Introduce the classification of the application environment of the electric roller conveyor. Common are ordinary, corrosive and flammable and explosive three

A variety of venues. If subdivided, there are also high temperature, humid tropics and some special application places, but the electric drum used in these places

There are not many conveyors, and they are generally only produced as non-standard electric roller conveyors.

Currently commonly used:

Moving Roller , JYD Mobile Electric Roller , YZ Cycloidal Pinwheel Electric Roller , TJ Oil-immersed Electric Roller

Moving Roller ;

YD Oil-cooled Electric Roller YZW Type Externally Mounted Electric Roller TZDT Series Electric Roller

ConveyorFXT type air-cooled electric roller conveyor;

YDN type oil-cooled oil-immersed electric roller conveyor automatically adjusts the anti-running bias power

Moving roller conveyor;

QYD type oil-cooled electric roller conveyor SPJ reversing roller conveyor unit YZ type oil-cooled, oil

Immersed Cycloidal Pinwheel Electric Drum ;

YTH Type External Geared Roller YBN, JBT Type Oil-cooled Oil-immersed Electric Drum

YT type oil-immersed electric roller conveyor;

YHTL type electric roller roller conveyor WT, WN type external roller conveyor

Machine YDB type explosion-proof oil-cooled electric roller conveyor;

WZ type externally mounted type electric roller conveyor TMF new type conveyor

Mechanical drive system WBT2000 series cycloid motor external electric roller conveyor;

BYD type cycloid oil-cooled electric

Roller ;

WXT Electric Roller YDY1 Oil-cooled Oil-immersed Electric Roller JYD Oil-cooled Electric Roller

Roller ;

WD(Ⅱ) Type External Geared Roller TZDG Series Precision Light Electric Roller (Rod)

YDJD type speed regulating electric roller conveyor.

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