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YiFan elaborates: Classification of unpowered conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-04

Unpowered conveyors are mainly divided into: powered loading conveyor lines and unpowered conveyors

Line. The power conveyor line is further divided into: single chain conveyor and accumulation conveyor conveyor. Single chain conveyor is mainly used for product conveying

. Accumulation conveyor The loading conveyor is used for product assembly, and the line body installation blocker can replace the double-speed chain conveyor. Unpowered conveyor rules

External power transmission is required.

Structure: Special steel bearing seat, semi-precision bearing Features: Durable, flexible rotation,

Low price

Use: suitable for all kinds of light and medium roller conveyors Applicable places: suitable for factories, warehouses

, the interior of the logistics center.

Cylinder-shaped components that manually drive the conveyor belt or change its running direction, are a kind of conveyor, are

Main accessories for conveying equipment.


The main function of the unpowered conveyor is to pass people

Workers push the goods to achieve the purpose of delivering the goods.

The unpowered loading conveyor is composed of the following parts:
1. The cylinder is generally made of round pipes. Commonly used steel pipes and plastic pipes, high-precision and high-strength can be made of round steel;

2. The inner shaft is generally made of round steel. Cold-drawn round steel can be used for small diameters, and lathes with large diameters and high precision can be used;

3. End caps are generally made of carbon steel. Small diameter and small load can be processed by punching, while larger diameter

Or the heavy load is machined;
4. Bearing Choose the appropriate standard bearing according to the cylinder body and end cover


According to different cylinder materials

Can be divided into the following categories:
1. Carbon steel conveyor, that is, the barrel of the conveyor is processed with carbon steel pipe;
2. Plastic conveyor

, that is, the conveyor barrel is processed with plastic pipes;

According to the surface treatment of the barrel, it is divided into the following types:

Electroplating The surface of the conveyor is electroplating, commonly galvanized, but also chrome-plated, nickel-plated, etc.;
2. Plastic spray conveying

machine means that the surface of the conveyor is sprayed with plastic powder, and can also be treated by spraying paint;
3. Rubber-coated conveyor means the surface of the conveyor

Lagging, it can be covered with various colors of rubber, the conveyor surface is soft, and the wear and tear of the goods is reduced.

According to the inner shaft installation method

The same can be divided into several categories:
1. External thread tightening;
2. Internal thread tightening;
3. Flat tenon type clamping

4. Round shaft bayonet type;
5. Spring bayonet type

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