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YiFan describes the eight standards of electric roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-02

As described by the author of YiFan, eight electric roller conveyor industry standards have been formulated since the mid-1980s. The specific contents are:

(1) JB3684-84 Air-cooled electric drum conveyor

Basic parameters and dimensions of conveyor;
(2) JB3684.1-84 Technical Specifications of Air-cooled Electric Roller

(3) JB3369-84 Basic parameters and dimensions of oil-cooled flameproof electric drum conveyor;
(4) ZBJ81002-87 Technical conditions of oil-cooled flameproof electric drum conveyor;

JB4256.1-86 Basic parameters and dimensions of YD oil-cooled electric roller conveyor;
(6) JB4256.2

-86 YD oil-cooled electric roller conveyor technical conditions;
(7) JB4256.3-86 YD oil

Test method for cold electric roller conveyor;
(8) JB/ZQ8013-88 Electric roller conveyor products

Quality rating.

These eight standards unify the size parameters and technical requirements of electric roller conveyors produced by various manufacturers

, improve the standardization degree of electric roller conveyor, users have standard parameters when selecting.

JB/T7330-94 '

Electric Roller ' standard and comparison with foreign electric roller conveyor standards.

In the mid-1980s, China's electric roller conveyors developed rapidly, forming a nationwide industry organization. The development of production requires the support of standardization. The original 8 electric roller conveyor standards can no longer meet the requirements. Research on lifting and transportation machinery in Beijing

Under the guidance of the Institute, the formulation of the JB/T7730-94 'Electric Roller ' standard was completed. learn

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