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YiFan analyzes the principle that the assembly line adopts the roller conveyor to correct the deviation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-10

The author of Ningbo YiFan belt assembly line manufacturer will tell you about belts today

The problem that the roller conveyor can be used in the assembly line can correct the deviation. The belt assembly line has been widely used in the production of various industries, but

Because of the technical limitations of the feeding port, roller conveyor and other technical limitations of the belt assembly line, it is easy to cause the assembly line to be in the process of material operation.

The deviation occurs in the middle, resulting in the waste of the product material. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of belt conveyors, the two sides are fully self-aligned

The use of roller loading conveyor completes the active deviation correction of the belt assembly line, and then greatly reduces the company's transportation cost.

Ningbo YiFan fully automatic double-sided self-aligning roller conveyor adopts two-sided symmetrical separation idler, and

The two-way synchronous deflection of the two idlers is completed through the link mechanism, and then the tape is guided together for deviation correction. After correcting the deviation, both sides roll

The drum conveyor will return to its original position through the return spring, and then prevent the conveyor belt from deflecting in the opposite direction. in accordance with

The setting of the active rotation angle of the self-aligning roller conveyor is different, and the scale of deviation adjustment that can be completed in the belt assembly line has

Certain changes are also required with regard to the operating speed of the applicable conveyor belt. Therefore, in Ningbo YiFan fully active both sides

In the self-aligning roller conveyor, according to the actual needs of output, etc., the production design of the automatic self-aligning roller conveyor can improve the precision of the conveying belt operation and ensure the safety of material transportation. The fully active two-way self-aligning roller conveyor is used for belt assembly line correction.

A relatively advanced device with relatively simple layout, low cost and obvious effect, so it is widely used in belt assembly lines.

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