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Years of experience sharing in designing conveyor lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-14

Advantages of loading conveyor assembly line
1. Integrate the production process, and can arrange a variety of stations on the assembly line to meet production needs

2. High scalability, according to the needs of the factory, design the production line that meets the production needs of the product;
3. Save labor

The production cost of the factory can save the number of production workers to a certain extent, realize a certain degree of automatic production, and the initial investment is not large

, high rate of return;
Linear assembly line is a very common conveying equipment and is the most popular flow

One of the waterlines. When YiFan designs a linear pipeline, it should not only consider the operation and use of the pipeline itself, but also pay attention to the use of the pipeline itself.

The simplicity of post-maintenance and user experience design can win the trust of users.

Features of the loading conveyor line
1. The work place is highly specialized .
2. The technological process is closed, and the working places are arranged in the order of the craftsmanship.

The moving object moves in one direction between the processes
3. The processing time of each process is consistent with the number of work sites in each process

4. Each process is produced according to a unified rhythm. The so-called beat refers to the production time interval of two adjacent products.

The form of loading conveyor assembly line
1. According to whether the production object moves, it can be divided into fixed assembly line and mobile assembly line.

Production line.
2. According to the number of production varieties, it can be divided into single-variety production line and multi-variety production line.
3. According to the degree of production continuity, it can be divided into continuous flow production line and intermittent flow production line.
4. According to the realization rhythm

type, can be divided into forced beat production line and free beat production line.
5. According to the degree of mechanization, it can be divided into manual

, mechanization and automation of three production lines.

Roller Line Features

Product Type

Extensive, less restricted; used in conjunction with the stopper, it can realize the functions of continuous, rhythmic operation and accumulation of products;

With the lifting and translation device, offline repair or inspection of products can be realized without affecting the operation of the entire assembly line. However, the design

User experience must be paid attention to in the assembly line. The so-called attention to user experience design means not only to meet the actual production requirements of users, but also to design according to the actual situation of the user site, such as designing climbing ladders on the side of the fuselage and inclined conveying segment after consideration

The passage of other equipment and personnel in the lower part will not be affected, and we will introduce it in detail here. In order to make it easier for users to find

Looking at the conveying of materials, YiFan also took it into consideration when designing the linear assembly line, and designed a climbing ladder for the inclined section of the equipment, which can be easily carried out when personnel maintain and inspect the equipment head frame. In addition, according to user-provided

Data analysis, the inclination of the linear assembly line is increased, so that it will not affect other equipment under the inclined section, and it is also convenient for personnel to pass. Under the premise of not affecting the user's use, the device design is more reasonable.

Finally, in order to meet the requirements of material transportation in different industries, YiFan can specially design and use some acid-resistant products for users.

Alkali and corrosion-resistant conveyor belt lines meet the requirements of conveying different industries and materials. Humanized design not only solves

The problems encountered by users during maintenance, and also solve the problems of users' occupied space, etc., the linear assembly line pays attention to

User experience design has won the approval of users.

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