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Working principle of tubular belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-23
Tubular belt conveyors are certainly not uncommon in life and work, so how does it work?

(1) Structure of tubular belt conveyor

This machine is a new type of belt conveyor which conveys materials by tubular conveyor belt. Its head, tail, receiving point, unloading point, tensioning device, etc. are basically the same as ordinary belt conveyors in structure. As shown in Figure 2, the tubular belt conveyor consists of a driving device and a driving roller, a tailstock, a screw tensioning device, a redirecting roller, a transition frame, a conveyor belt, a bracket, a hexagonal idler group, and a horizontal belt turning device. , intermediate racks, towers, etc. After the conveyor belt receives the material at the transition section at the tail, it is gradually rolled into a circular tube for airtight conveying of the material, and then gradually unfolded at the transition section at the head until unloading.

Tubular conveyor belt refers to the conveyor belt that is used in conjunction with the tubular belt conveyor and forms a circular tube shape in the entire transportation line or part of the transportation line with the help of external force. The tubular conveyor belt is made of high-strength canvas or steel wire rope as the skeleton, with high-strength, high-wear-resistance and high-quality rubber as the upper and lower covering layers. During operation, the tape gradually changes from a plane to a U-shape, and finally rolls into a tubular shape for closed transportation.

(2) The working process of the tubular belt conveyor

The tubular belt conveyor is driven by friction, and uses the regular polygon idler group arranged at a certain interval to force the conveyor belt It is rolled into a circular tube shape, and its working process is shown in Figure 3. The material enters the feeding section from the tail funnel, the conveyor belt changes from a flat shape to a U shape, and then gradually becomes an O shape through the transition section. When the head transitions, the tubular conveyor belt gradually expands from a U shape to a flat shape to discharge the material.

Different from the two-way conveying of general conveyors, the tubular belt conveyor can carry out two-way conveying at the same time, that is, the reciprocation of the conveyor is a load-bearing section, and there is no empty section.

Transmission device of loading conveyor

(1) Transmission device of belt conveyor

In belt conveyor, motor→coupling→gear transmission (reducer ) → flat belt drive to realize the transmission of power and motion.

(2) Chain plate conveyor transmission device

In the chain plate conveyor transmission device, the motor→coupling→reducer→open gear transmission→sprocket of the conveyor chain can realize Power and motion transmission.

(3) Transmission device of screw conveyor

The transmission device of screw conveyor, the motor passes through the coupling → reducer → open gear transmission → coupling → screw type On the conveyor, power and motion transmission are realized.

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