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Working principle of scraper conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-23
The working principle of the scraper conveyor is to use the open chute as a bearing part for coal, gangue or materials, and fix the scraper on the chain as a traction member. When the driving part of the machine head starts, the sprocket on the driving head shaft rotates, so that the scraper chain circulates and moves the animal material along the chute until it is unloaded at the machine head. The scraper chain bypasses the sprocket and runs in a stepless closed loop to complete the transportation of materials. In the closed casing, the coal is continuously output by the friction between the moving chain scraper and the coal. The chain scraper is buried in the conveyed coal during operation. The scraper fixed on the traction chain is transported in the closed trough. for bulk materials. The drag chain and scraper of this loading conveyor are buried in the material, the scraper only occupies a part of the cross section of the trough, and the material occupies most of the cross section of the trough. It can transport materials horizontally, inclinedly or vertically. When conveying horizontally, the scraper used is a flat strip, and the cutting force of the chain and scraper embedded in the bulk material on the bulk material layer is greater than the resistance of the groove wall to the bulk material, so that the bulk material moves forward with the scraper. At this time, the ratio of the height of the moving material layer to the width of the groove is within a certain ratio range, and the material flow is stable. When transporting diagonally upwards, the inclination angle of the coal seam shall not exceed 25°, and when transporting downwards, the inclination angle shall not exceed 20°. When the inclination angle of the coal seam is large, anti-skid devices should be installed. The bendable scraper conveyor allows 2°~4° bends in the horizontal and vertical directions.
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