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Work flow of linear conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-06
With the advancement of society, linear conveyors are increasingly used in various industries, mainly in transportation. The principle of bucket linear conveyors is to use a closed endless belt that surrounds and is tensioned on the head wheel and bottom wheel. The traction component uses the bucket installed on the belt as the material conveying component, and the material is conveyed through the continuous operation of the bucket belt. The linear conveyor is a continuous conveying machine. Theoretically, the working process of the linear loading conveyor can be divided into three stages: loading process, lifting process and unloading process. Then let's take a look at the specific analysis of each process: 1. Loading process: Loading is the process of digging materials when the bucket passes through the lower part of the base. The filling degree of the bucket is expressed by the filling factor φ(φu003d). According to the different charging directions, there are two types of charging methods: forward feeding and reverse feeding. In engineering practice, reverse feeding is more commonly used. At this time, the feeding direction is opposite to the movement direction of the bucket, and the filling factor is larger. 2. Lifting process: The process of bypassing the horizontal centerline of the bottom wheel and ending at the horizontal centerline of the head wheel, that is, the process that the material rises vertically is called the lifting process. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the dust head has enough tension to achieve a stable lifting and prevent the occurrence of spattering. 3. Unloading process: The process in which the material leaves the bucket and is discharged from the discharge port when passing through the upper part of the head wheel with the bucket is called the unloading process. There are three types of unloading methods: centrifugal, gravity and mixed. The centrifugal linear conveyor is suitable for materials with good fluidity and scattering properties. Gravity unloading should be used for materials with more moisture and poor scattering properties. Mixed unloading has good adaptability to materials. In engineering practice More commonly used. The above is a detailed introduction to the work process of the linear loading conveyor. I hope it can help you. Have you encountered other problems when using the linear loading conveyor? Please leave a comment below. The next article will be updated based on customer questions. In order to help you, we are updating new articles almost every day. You can pay attention to our company's official website, because it is professional and therefore more trustworthy.
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