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Why food conveyor belts choose PU conveyor belts?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-05
The material of PU conveyor belt is PU, also known as polyurethane. PU conveyor belts can be used in many industrial factory workshops, and are widely used in the food industry. PU conveyor belts comply with FDA food safety and hygiene standards.

The food conveyor belt produced and sold by Ningbo Yifang Machinery can effectively increase the production efficiency of the factory.

A good food conveyor belt not only saves electricity and labor when in use, but also is very durable, so whether it is a large number of Or choose a small amount, you must choose carefully and compare carefully, choose a conveyor belt product that suits you
Food conveyor belts can be divided into the following materials according to the material
PVC, PU, u200bu200bPE, PVK, silicone, canvas, rubber, felt , polyethylene, plastic chain plates, modular nets, polypropylene, nylon, Teflon, industrial belts, conveyor belts, transmission belts, conveyor belts, various belts.

PU conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt are both types of industrial belts, but they are made of different materials. PU conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt have always been the two most frequently consulted and purchased products of Qingchuan. On the issue of type selection, new and old customers often have this question, PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt are better. In fact, there is no use of conveyor belts, only if they are suitable for your own industry and equipment.

If the industry involves food, such as candy, pasta, meat, seafood, baked goods, etc., PU conveyor belts are preferred.


1: The PU conveyor belt is made of PU (polyurethane) as the rubber surface, which is bright and clean, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be in direct contact with food.

2: The PU conveyor belt has the characteristics of oil resistance, washing resistance and cutting resistance. The belt body is thin, tough and resistant to pulling.

3: Compliant with FDA food grade certification

PU (polyurethane) is a material that can be dissolved in nature and is called a green raw material. PVC contains substances that are harmful to the human body, so if When it comes to the food industry, from the perspective of food safety, it is better to choose a conveyor belt made of PU material.
4: Considering the durability, the PU conveyor belt is resistant to cutting, and can be used on the cutting machine after reaching a certain thickness, and can be cut repeatedly.

PVC loading conveyor belts are mainly used for food packaging and non-food conveying. The price is lower than that of PU conveyor belts, and the service life is generally shorter than that of PU conveyor belts.

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