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Why does the mesh belt conveyor slip when used for a long time

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-21
Why does the mesh belt conveyor slip when used for a long time? With the continuous development of the mesh belt industry, stainless steel mesh belts, mesh belt conveyors, mesh belt dryers and other products have received the attention of major manufacturers, and stainless steel mesh belts are in use If the time is too long, slipping may occur. So how can we solve the problem of slipping? The technician of Lingxian Sunshine Conveying Equipment will explain the phenomenon of stainless steel mesh belt slipping. First: The use of nylon belt or EP requires a longer tensioning stroke. When the stroke is not enough, it can be re-vulcanized or increased the tensioning stroke to solve the problem. Second: When the mesh belt conveyor slips, you can add a counterweight to solve it, and add it until the mesh belt conveyor does not slip. But should not add too much, so as not to make the mesh belt loading conveyor bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce the service life of the mesh belt conveyor. Third: Slippage of spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning mesh belt conveyor. When the spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning mesh belt conveyor is slipping, the tensioning stroke can be adjusted to increase the tensioning force. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough and the mesh belt conveyor is permanently deformed. At this time, a section of the mesh belt loading conveyor can be cut off and vulcanized again.
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