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Why do you need to choose domestic conveyor equipment?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-30

In the product processing industry, small and medium-sized product manufacturers and electronic factories often face two choices when selecting conveyor equipment: domestic new conveyor equipment or second-hand imported conveyor equipment. In recent years, China's conveyor equipment skills have developed rapidly. The author suggests that you try to buy domestic conveyor equipment.

In terms of price, domestic conveyor equipment is similar to second-hand imported conveyor equipment. However, in the actual application process, the actual production cost also needs to consider many other factors. First of all, second-hand imported conveyor equipment requires extremely high labor costs: second-hand conveyor equipment requires professional engineers to operate and protect, and the recruitment cost and salary are relatively high. The operation suggestions of domestic conveyor equipment can be operated by ordinary workers. The selection of domestic conveyor equipment can greatly save the production cost of the factory.

Secondly, the protection cost of domestic conveyor equipment is much lower than second-hand imported conveyor equipment. The use of second-hand imported loading conveyor equipment
For a long time, there will be a certain failure rate, and the cost of protection and replacement of parts will require a higher price. In addition, domestic new
equipment can ensure the update of software, and the second-hand imported conveyor equipment project has suspended more than ten software upgrades
years. Therefore, choosing domestic conveyor equipment can enjoy more after-sales system upgrades and conveyor equipment upgrades.

In terms of technology, contemporary imported conveyor equipment is superior to domestic conveyor equipment. However, the software system of second-hand loading conveyor equipment cannot be upgraded
level, second-hand imported conveyor equipment is often screened after more than ten years of use, and the software system is backward. In the past two years, domestically produced
The software technology of the delivery equipment has made a qualitative leap. equipment software has high optimization strength, which can satisfy manufacturers' batch delivery
Production requirements.

With the continuous development of China's economy, its scientific and technological capabilities have been continuously improved. The development prospects of domestic conveyor equipment must be better than imported conveyor equipment. Now, domestic conveyor equipment manufacturers are able to conduct on-site inspections and in-person handovers. Customers can consider selecting domestic conveyor equipment after on-site inspection. China's economic development, the impact on the development prospects of conveyor equipment

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