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Why do assembly line more than belt line?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-16
With the continuous development of major industries, spraying equipment industry is in constant development, in the industry, the development of the most significant is the assembly line, for the assembly line, is one of the most widely application scope, and the use of the evaluation is also the highest. Scope of application: electronics factory, the computer factory, food factory, building materials factory etc. Along with the development of it, a lot of enterprise staff would ask, why it would be so good, before the beginning of the belt line, can be said to be the most popular with consumers, why assembly line more than belt line, it has the characteristics of anything in particular? Why do assembly line more than belt line? What are the characteristics? Assembly line and the effectiveness of the combination of machine, is in the process of operation is the most fully reflect the flexibility of equipment, it can be delivery systems, pallet and online jets, organic combination of testing equipment, enough to satisfy many varieties of product assembly requirements. The above characteristics compared with other production line, is the best, is the general assembly line cannot be compared, assembly line not only is it cannot be compared, the characteristics of its transmission mode is very special: synchronous transmission ( Forced) Here can also be called asynchronous transmission, it is based on the configuration choice, to implement the manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly.
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