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Why are conveyor accessories not durable during use?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-01

Recently, the author learned that two 13km belt conveyor systems in a limestone mine carry the transportation task of nearly 4 million tons of tape per year. Since 2015, the annual cost of idlers is about 450,000 yuan, as shown in the table 1:

2015-2019 crushing conveyor cost statistics

From In terms of the proportion of the cost of the entire idler in the whole year, the slot-type forward-tilt idler ranks first, accounting for 56% of the annual cost of the idler, and the second is the lower V-shaped comb-type idler. , accounting for 12.7% of the annual idler fee, as shown in Figure 1. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of idlers, it is necessary to start with reducing the losses of these two types of idlers. (News recommendation: Details that must be paid attention to in the packaging design of conveyor accessories)

Chart of the cost of idler rollers of crushing conveyor belt system in 2019

I. Reason analysis

According to experience and finding information Find out the reasons for the damage of the trough-shaped forward-inclined idler and the comb idler as follows:

(1) Wear of the roller skin

Mainly, the middle part of the idler is worn to break, and some idlers are worn at the contact with the edge of the loading conveyor belt, which will also cause breakage.

The main reasons: ①The rotation resistance of the idler is large, and the frictional resistance between the idler and the conveyor belt is large, causing friction; ②The rotation direction of the idler and the running of the loading conveyor belt There is an off-angle in the direction, resulting in deflection friction resistance and wear; ③The operating environment of the idler itself is harsh, causing friction such as direct contact with materials or other items.

(2) The roller bearing is damaged

The main reason is that the roller bearing is inflexible to rotate, The bearing points are worn out, and there is also serious rust that causes the idler to not rotate.

The main reasons: ①The selection of the idler is unreasonable, resulting in damage to the bearing life due to expiration; ②The sealing effect of the idler bearing is not good, resulting in grease pollution, resulting in The bearing is damaged due to poor lubrication; 3. The roller assembly is filled with a small amount of grease or the quality of the grease is not good, resulting in failure of lubrication and damage;

(3) The bending deformation of the idler is damaged

The form is more complicated, mainly the idler The shaft is bent and deformed greatly, and the deflection angle is too large to cause friction between the shaft and the bearing seat, and it is also easy to cause damage to the roller seal.

The main reasons: ①The selection of the idler is unreasonable and cannot meet the requirements of strength and rigidity. There is no such situation after inspection; ②The design of the whole machine is unreasonable, It is only that the partial idler is subjected to large force, resulting in overload and deformation and damage, and the angle of the tape loading conveyor changes greatly, resulting in a large force on the partial idler and the fall of the idler bracket, which causes the remaining idler to be more stressed.

Other forms of damage to the idler, such as de-welding, cracking of the shell and bearing seat, and bearing detachment, etc.

Second, take measures

In view of the above reasons, an implementation plan is formulated to achieve the purpose of reducing idler wear.

(1) Carry out idler replacement cycle statistics and on-site investigation, especially inspect the parts where the upper idler is frequently damaged. The problems such as unevenness, sparse installation of brackets, and improper installation shall be rectified to make the design of the whole machine and the layout of the idlers more reasonable, avoid the occurrence of partial force overload, reduce the layout spacing of the idlers in the convex arc section, increase the number of idlers, and reduce the number of idlers. The force of a single idler achieves the purpose of prolonging the service life of the groove-shaped forward-tilt idler and the comb-shaped idler.

(2) Rectify the phenomenon of ash deposits, ore deposits buried or contact with idlers along the belt conveyor production line, clean up ash deposits and ore deposits, Improve the harsh environment of idler operation, avoid friction such as direct contact between idler and material or other items, and prolong the service life of idler.

(3) Pour the replaced waste lubricating oil on the bearing side of the idler, so that the lubrication of the bearing inside increases, and the cause is reduced. Lack of oil bearing wear, resulting in rollers not rotating or bearing damage, can generally at least double the life of the rollers.

(4) Disassemble the bad friction self-aligning idler with intact casing, idler shaft and bearing seat, and replace the original deep groove ball bearing Repair the tapered roller bearing of the corresponding size, because the main reason for the loss of this type of idler is that the coaxiality of the idler accessories is too poor, causing the rolling bearing to be seized, increasing the resistance, and reducing the service life.

After replacement, there will be a certain allowable adjustment range of coaxiality to solve the problems existing in the processing of such idlers, repair the old and make use of waste, and achieve for cost saving purposes.

(5) The dust adhering to the surface of the idler should be cleaned by spraying water to reduce the vibration of the idler during operation and reduce the impact on the bearing ,Extended service life.

The above measures are mainly to reduce wear and prolong life by improving the use environment of idlers. In addition to the use environment, the quality of the roller itself is the foundation of its service life, and a lot of manpower and material resources are needed to improve the use environment later, so everyone should pay more attention when purchasing.

However, with the increased prevalence of flexible conveyor system, it has become far more affordable.
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