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Which stainless steel conveyor belt manufacturer company doing ODM?
You have had a great idea on stainless steel conveyor belt manufacturer and have completed its research and knows it could promote such a product, but you don't actually know how to style it or don't have the manufacturing capacity to make it. You may turn into ODMs. Ningbo YiFan Conveyor Equipment Co.,Ltd is such a manufacturer. Typically, ODMs also manufacture the product they design and their customers get the products branded in their own names and sell them in the market. In the instance of an ODM, you may have little to no control over product specifications and thus you have to set sufficient parameters and frameworks within which the ODM should work.

As an experienced manufacturer of curve roller conveyor, YiFan is renowned for strong capabilities of designing and manufacturing high-quality products. The chain conveyor series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Distinguished from the old traditional bulbs that begin to lose brightness soon, this product is capable of emitting stable brightness over a long time without illuminance depreciation as long as it is well taken care of. It can be widely seen in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports, etc. This product signals the message: "We are mindful of commodity users in greater detail, beginning with the pack". And this could motivate the customer’s purchase. With a manual pallet truck, it is very easy to move around.

YiFan will make persistent efforts on product’s quality and cost saving. Contact us!
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