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Which shaftless screw conveyor is better?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-10
05-19 08:05:11 Shaftless screw conveyor adopts shaftless spiral blades, which is a conveying equipment for conveying materials with high viscosity and easy winding. There are many manufacturers of shaftless screw conveyors. Which one produces shaftless screw conveyors? Is the quality good? Shaftless screw conveyor manufacturers recommend Xinxiang machinery editor here to recommend Xinxiang machinery for you. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Good quality The shaftless screw loading conveyor adopts all-copper-core motors with large power and the thickness of the spiral blades is between 6~8mm. , High strength, there is very little blade wear or breakage when conveying materials, the reducer bearing has good lubrication, its working life is not less than 100,000 hours, and the downtime is less, which reduces the maintenance cost. In addition, the shaftless screw conveyor produced has a number of quality inspection standards during the production process to ensure that it will not leave the factory if it is unqualified. The equipment will be returned for free for quality problems within 30 days after the sale, and the warranty is 1 year. 2. Good conveying effect. Because the shaftless screw conveyor adopts no shaft, the material is not easy to be blocked, and the discharge port is not blocked, so it can run at a lower speed, smoothly drive, and reduce energy consumption. The torque can reach 4000N/m, and the conveying capacity is the same The diameter is 1.5 times that of the traditional shafted screw conveyor, and the length of a single machine can reach 60 meters. And according to user needs, multi-stage series installation can be adopted. Third, the price is cheap. Shaftless screw conveyors are sold directly by manufacturers, reducing intermediate circulation links, and the price is more transparent. The manufacturer is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. The production cost will be cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai and other places, so the price of shaftless screw conveyors will also be higher. low. Fourth, good service From the selection, test machine, delivery, after-sales and other links of the shaftless screw loading conveyor, we have professional personnel responsible for one-to-one guidance. The equipment supports the test machine with materials. The conventional models can be shipped on the same day, reducing users Time cost. After assembly, the user can start production after receiving the goods. If there is any problem during use, you can contact at any time. If necessary, we will send professionals to the factory for repairs, free of labor costs. If you buy a shaftless screw conveyor, you can choose Xinxiang Machinery. We have a complete range of equipment models and support special model customization. Welcome to consult and order at any time.
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