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Which screw conveyor should I choose for flour conveying?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-20
06-21 17:49:18    Flour is a kind of powder and powder material, which is widely used in some food industries. So when choosing a flour screw conveyor, which one should you choose? Today, the editor recommends a suitable screw conveyor for you based on the material characteristics of the flour.   Which screw conveyor should I choose for flour conveying?  According to the conveying requirements of users in the general flour industry, we recommend stainless steel tubular screw conveyors to you. Let's analyze our recommendation reasons:    stainless steel tubular screw loading conveyor fully sealed flour is a kind of powdery material, which will be flipped back and forth during transportation, while the tubular screw loading conveyor has good sealing performance and a seamless shell. The steel pipe is made of steel pipes, and the ends are connected by flanges to form a whole body. The rigidity is good, mainly to prevent dust incidents when conveying powdery materials, and also effectively protect the environment. Stainless steel tubular screw conveyor is not easy to block material. Flour is likely to be blocked due to too small conveying pitch during conveying. The screw pitch of tubular screw conveyor is relatively large, with a length of 400mm. During operation Its materials are not easy to be congested. Stainless steel tubular screw conveyor clean and hygienic food industry generally has a relatively high sanitary environment, so relatively there are relatively high requirements for the conveying equipment of flour, and the stainless steel tubular screw conveyor produced by our company uses selected 304, 316 , 316L and other different grades of stainless steel materials, and the whole machine has been strictly polished, and the welding place has also been polished, which fully meets the medical and health standards.   The above is what the editor brings to you today. I hope that through this article you can select a suitable screw conveyor to convey your flour! As a professional manufacturer of conveying equipment, you are welcome to come to the factory for inspection~
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