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Which protective lagging is good for roller conveyors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-30

During the use of roller conveyors, there will be losses. The most common cause of losses is slippage or deviation, which will cause damage to the rollers of the conveyors. In order to reduce losses, the common method is to wrap the rollers. Which glue to choose? The selection of materials is very important. The following three high-quality plastic lagging boards are for reference. Why does the belt conveyor deviate? How to deal with

1. Diamond-shaped wear-resistant rubber sheet

High-quality roller-coated wear-resistant anti-skid rubber sheet: dense material, good elasticity, High coefficient of friction. Has extremely high wear resistance, tensile strength and tear resistance, and has a long service life
. The prefabricated semi-vulcanized layer (CN layer) on the adhesive surface reacts with the cold vulcanized adhesive NX3000, which can greatly improve the adhesive force, and simplify the surface treatment procedure of the rubber sheet, remove the protective layer, and use it directly.

According to different drum sizes and technical requirements, the diamond pattern or herringbone pattern can be customized and processed to increase the surface friction of the rubber sheet, reduce the slippage of the belt, and improve the operation. efficiency. There are two kinds of wear-resistant rubber sheets imported from Germany and domestically exported for selection.

2. Ceramic rubber sheet

Ceramic roller lagging is used to solve the problem of conveyor belt slippage, which is a problem that conventional rubber roller lagging cannot solve. In fact, whether in slippery, muddy or dry conditions, the coefficient of friction of ceramic drum lagging is two to that of rubber. Ceramic drum lagging is more wear-resistant than standard rubber drum lagging. It can be used for more than 8 years under normal conditions. It is more versatile in various practical application environments, increases the service life of the drum, and also prolongs the service life of the conveyor belt and improves the conveying system. An economical option that quadruples productivity.

Each ceramic rubber sheet is cast into the durable rubber sheet with hundreds of independent ceramic sheets. Block cast ceramic pieces have raised features. Under normal belt pressure, thousands of uniquely cast bumps ensure positive traction, prevent slippage, and extend the life of the belt pulley. The elastic bottom rubber has good impact resistance.

The grooves separated by a certain distance can make foreign objects (dust, mud and water) on the drum can be removed along the grooves, so that the drum has a unique self-cleaning function, especially Suitable for wet working environment. The elastic bottom rubber has good impact resistance. Ceramic drum cold lagging eliminates the need to remove the drum from the loading conveyor system, and the labor-saving cold vulcanization process makes on-site lagging fast and efficient.

3. Flat rubber sheet

The rubber sheet is an important part of the conveyor roller. The selection of high-quality roller lagging materials can effectively improve the operation of the conveyor system, protect the metal rollers from wear, prevent the slippage of the conveyor belt, and make the rollers and the belt run synchronously, thereby ensuring the efficient and large-capacity operation of the belt. The lagging of the drum can also effectively prevent the sliding friction between the drum and the belt, reduce the material bonding on the surface of the drum, thereby reducing the deviation and wear of the belt, effectively reducing the slippage of the conveyor belt, and increasing the service life of the drum. To improve production efficiency, the special rubber sheet produced by Taiyuan Nixiao has the incomparable advantages of wear resistance, flame retardant, anticorrosion, and long service life.

The hidden danger of roller conveyor is an important issue. For this reason, many enterprises and production units also attach great importance to this issue. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of this aspect and improve safety management. It is imperative to improve the maintenance level of equipment and ensure the reliable operation of equipment.

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