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Which model belt production line for you

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-24
Belt conveyor maintenance is one of the biggest problems of the belt tracking. When the pulley of the belt is not directly in running, can lead to premature wear and damage to the conveyor and belt. There are many factors will affect the belt tracking, such as leather belt, belt pulley accuracy or the correct belt tension. Two of the most common belt tracking method is concave guide crown pulley and belt. Concave conduction band with adhesive on the back of the conveyor belt & the other; Concave & throughout; Form of a plastic. Then, this & other; Concave & throughout; Suitable for extension along the conveyor and the length of the pulley groove. Concave type guide rail continuous track belt and keep the belt line operation. For optimal bonding effect, concave type guide material ( Usually a PVC or pu) Should be the same as the belt used. Cannot be used together with the concave type guide rail of the leather belt is some examples of ptfe, polypropylene and silicon strap. These belts are normally used for very specific applications, such as high temperature or some food applications, so for most people, concave type guide should be suitable for their application. Concave type are the some advantages and disadvantages of: advantages: along the whole length of conveyor belt tracking selection of traction on the surface of the straight line pulley can provide consistent for small or different product transfer faults: limit transfer option is not completely flat belt. Applying heat in the process of bonding, along the whole length form small ShiJiaAo form guide. The bump is very small, in the conveyor tensioning when smaller. For small or light product, this can be a problem, because it can lead to they can not be completely flat on the belt. Cannot be used together with the transfer bridge of the nose. Add concave type guide rail to the belt would make it too big to be run on such a small belt pulley. Usually, V belt can cross the minimum diameter of the pulley is 1 inch diameter of pulley. Coronary pulley tracking is a cylindrical part and the end of the tapered roller in the middle. This tracking method by using cone pulley ends in the belt starts to drift to the left or right transfer belt back to the center of the wheel. Crowned roller for some of the advantages and disadvantages are: advantages: suitable for most belt type. Most of the manufacturers to assume a certain type of coronary pulley track method will be used with their belts. Can be used in the bridge of the nose. Disadvantages: can't control along the conveyor belt of the machine to track. Tracking only occur at the ends of the conveyor, so in the middle of the conveyor belt can move freely from side to the other side. May be difficult to transfer small or different product. While the top of the pulley is small, but due to light cone pulley end, it can affect the odd shapes or small product transfer. So what kind of trace option right for you? Each belt has its advantages and disadvantages, to make it in some way better than other ways. Which one would you choose to track method depends on your application. If your application requires edge transfer, then crowned roller is for you, because the v-shaped guide with no more than such a small pulley diameter. Different applications may need to be difficult to perform maintenance of the space used in the conveyor belt. In that case, the v-shaped guide belt will be very good, because the belt at run time tracking, thereby reducing the maintenance of belt. By today's many conveyor applications run all-weather, thus reducing maintenance time and makes the normal work of the conveyor is very important. Reliable on the conveyor belt tracking helps to shorten the maintenance time and maintain the product move smoothly. Whether you choose coronary pulley or v-shaped rail track method, everyone can ensure correct belt track and minimize the problems associated with belt tracking.
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