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Which is better, screw conveyor or belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-15
03-19 18:25:52 Both screw conveyor and belt screw conveyor are a kind of conveying equipment with a wide range of uses, so what is the difference between the two and which one is better? Next, let’s compare for everyone: PK application materials and occasions. PK screw conveyor can convey powder, granular and small block materials horizontally, inclinedly or vertically. It also has mixing, stirring and cooling functions, and has shafts. The screw conveyor can be used for non-viscous dry powder materials and small particle materials (for example: cement, fly ash, lime, grain, etc.). The shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for conveyors with viscous and easy-to-wind materials. (For example: sludge, biomass, garbage, etc., the conveying material temperature is less than or equal to 200℃. Screw conveyors are suitable for mixing plants, cement plants, concrete batching plants, stone plants, granaries, etc.. Belt conveyors are suitable for large inclination angles (90 °Vertical) Continuous or intermittent movement to convey articles below 100KG or powdery or granular articles. It runs high-speed, smoothly, with low noise, and can be conveyed up and down slopes. The conveying material temperature is ≤60°. Belt conveyors are used in underground mines. Mining engineering, open-pit mining, large self-unloading ship, steel mill blast furnace loading, etc. The conveying capacity PK screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded in the middle, and the conveying direction can be reversed, and it can also be conveyed in opposite directions at the same time. The material can also be stirred, mixed, heated and cooled during the process. The material flow can be adjusted through the loading and unloading gate. The single conveyor can reach 60m in length and the conveying capacity can reach 458m³/h. The belt loading conveyor can be used in the horizontal direction or The inclined direction with a slight slope, the conveying height is up to 203m, and the conveying capacity is up to 6000t/h. Summary: Whether it is a screw conveyor or a belt conveyor, each has its own advantages. Which type of loading conveyor is better requires the user to combine Weigh your own situation.
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