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Which conveyor should I choose for sludge transportation?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-10
2021-03-04 09:38:21 Which conveyor should be used for sludge transportation? According to the characteristics of sludge, the machine recommends you a special equipment for sludge conveying. Shaftless screw loading conveyor. What are the advantages of shaftless screw conveyor in conveying sludge? 1) No central axis design, convenient for sludge transportation. During the sludge transportation process, there will always be a large number of agglomerations. When transporting with ordinary screw conveyors, it will often cause the sludge to condense on the spiral blades, resulting in a large amount of sludge. The clogging of the sludge inside the machine will not only affect the efficiency of sludge transportation, but will also cause damage to the machine in the long run. Then the use of a shaftless screw conveyor can solve this problem. The shaftless screw conveyor adopts the design of no central shaft, so the difficulty of conveying sludge with the screw shaft is eliminated, and the risk of material blockage can be effectively reduced, and the conveying efficiency can be improved. 2) The length of a single machine can be up to 60 meters. The sludge used for construction and building materials to increase the output of sludge is mostly required for its output. Therefore, when choosing the conveyor equipment, the user still transports it. The shaftless screw loading conveyor produced can have a single conveying length of up to 60 meters. According to user needs, it can be installed in multi-stage series and transport materials over long distances. Its conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional shaft screw conveyor with the same diameter. 3) Fully enclosed structure to reduce sludge production. Sludge conveyors As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, more and more construction industries are becoming more and more environmentally aware of the sludge transportation environment. How to solve and improve the pollution Mud transportation environment? It has become a concern for many users in the sludge industry. The shaftless screw conveyor adopts a fully enclosed conveying and easy-to-clean spiral surface. During the conveying process, no material will be spilled, which can ensure environmental sanitation and the conveyed materials are not polluted or leaked. In addition, it runs at a lower speed. , Can reduce energy consumption.
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