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Which conveyor has a high utilization rate?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-27
03-21 17:26:42 There are three types of conveyors in the conveying equipment: screw conveyors, belt conveyors and scraper conveyors. Today, the editor will give you statistics based on the company’s last year to find out which conveyors are used. High rate? According to the company’s sales statistics for 2020, the high utilization rate of screw conveyor conveying equipment shows that 64% of the users who buy screw conveyors, 32% of users who buy belt conveyors, and 4% of users who buy screw conveyors, so from From the statistical data point of view, the screw conveyor is a loading conveyor with a high utilization rate in the conveying equipment. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the reasons for the high utilization rate of screw conveyors. Wide range of application of screw conveyor is one of the important reasons for the high usage rate. Compared with belt conveyors, which can only be used to transport bagged materials, screw conveyors can be widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Power, coal, machinery, light industry, food and other industries of powdery, granular, small block materials, such as: cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand, coke and other materials. At the same time, the three layout forms of the screw conveyor (horizontal, inclined, and vertical) can meet the requirements of different conveying environments (indoor and outdoor), different conveying distances (1m-400m), and different conveying heights (1m-50m). Long service life of screw conveyors The service life of screw conveyors produced is usually about 5-8 years, while the service life of belt conveyors and scraper conveyors will be relatively reduced by 1-2 years. The raw materials used in the production of screw conveyors are only processed after passing the quality inspection. All raw materials required for production have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and EU CE certification. The screw loading conveyor is more wear-resistant and durable with long life. Screw conveyors are cost-effective and cost-effective. The price of screw conveyors is 6800 yuan/set -33680 yuan/set. On the same transportation distance, although the screw conveyor is a bit more expensive than the belt conveyor, it is more suitable than the belt screw conveyor. Wide and high conveying height; at the same time, the screw conveyor is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the scraper conveyor, so it is recommended that you choose the screw conveyor if you do not have to choose the scraper chain traction conveying method. It is a cost-effective device among these three devices. At the same time, as a direct-selling manufacturer, the screw conveyor has no intermediate links from production to sales, so as to prevent you from wasting a penny. The above is the high utilization rate of conveyors and the reasons for the high utilization rate calculated by the editor based on the company's sales in 2020. I hope this article can give you a deeper understanding of screw conveyors. If you still have questions about belt conveyors and scraper conveyors, you are welcome to consult online or call us at any time~
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