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When will the belt conveyor be used?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-30
In the entire loading conveyor system, conveyors are divided into many types, such as belt conveyors and roller conveyors, each has its own purpose, and their functions are used for transportation, sorting and accumulation applications. Today we will focus on the following When should you use a belt conveyor? Focus on analyzing this process for you. The belt conveyor of the distribution center is for products that cannot be conveyed by rollers. Typical goods include bags, envelopes, small parts, parts, fabrics, and cartons with irregular bottoms. Anything that cannot be moved on the drum can be a candidate for belt conveying. Compared with rollers, loading conveyor belts are more forgiving when the load is poor, which can drop small objects or cause them to tilt between the rollers. When you teleport vertically. Inclined conveyors are usually belt applications because the rollers cannot grasp the load, which can cause slippage or slippage. See more: Tilt and spiral vertical are used for machine integration. Many machine integrations, such as packaging equipment, scanners, shunts and other equipment, need to control the direction of the load to work properly. Belts do not allow the load to move or rotate because they grip the surface tightly. The consistent speed and positioning of the conveyor belt make it ideal for scanning channels, as stability is essential for accurate reading. Used for pre-sorting applications. Belts are the ideal choice when you need clearance and/or tracking of goods facing sorting. Belts can better control the product and play the best role in these applications. If your system has a curve leading to the sorting area and you have to gap or track the load, belts are a good solution. The versatility of the material. The belt curve can be made of various materials, from rubber to high sand, to other special materials and materials that are easy to clean. You can specify a variety of belt types to meet your needs. Interstitial application. When setting the precise gap between loads is critical, belt conveyors perform well. Because the belt supports 100% of the load at the bottom (weight and surface area do not matter), everything moves at a constant rate.
The importance of flexible conveyor system has increased as container loading machine have become a must in our daily life.
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