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When using the tubular screw conveyor need to pay attention to what issues?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-01

tubular screw conveyor is a conveyor. They are compared with the general belt conveyor, bucket store content box, can transport materials in a particular line. They can be transported in a variety of ways. Said level transport; Vertical transportation; Tilt transport. For each bucket conveyor, they conveyor line is determined, the transmission capacity of the machine itself is very large, they can also be applied to long distance transmission procedure, therefore in the process of practical production, their application scope is very broad. Tubular screw conveyor is divided into two types: with traction parts of mechanical parts and without traction mechanical parts. With traction machine parts, they are usually consists of six parts: supporting parts, reversing device, tension device, drives, bearing components, traction components, etc. ; They can be used together with the conveyor belt or steel wire and bucket material box is also essential. Bucket conveyor type many, usually belt, pressure machine, car, escalators, scraper conveyor, etc. Different types of machinery is used in different applications. In the future, tubular screw conveyor will have greater development. They will be the development direction of large scale, and will continue to expand the scope of application of machinery. In the future, they can be automatic classification and reduce pollution. Has good development and reducing energy consumption. Should have a single large bucket conveyor length, bue, the advantages of big conveying Angle. Therefore, in the future, there will be more areas need tubular screw conveyor and its working environment. It will also continue to expand.

when using tubular screw conveyor need to pay attention to what issues? When using tubular screw conveyor, we often meet some sudden failure. This is because we do not focus on standard operation, so we will put forward some questions. The problem is that we just have to ignore some important in the process of operation operation, can make the equipment abnormal operation. The following lists several operating small series, everyone is easy to ignore. First of all, close the main power switch, observe whether equipment power supply connection is abnormal, the power indicator is on. 2. Close all the power switch circuit, and observe whether tubular screw conveyor is normal. Third, in turn, in turn, start each electrical equipment, and according to the process flow in electrical equipment failure after the start of the next electrical equipment. In tubular screw conveyor operation, need according to the material delivery plan according to the planned capacity definition of tubular screw conveyor. Second, the need to pay attention to not allow all kinds of personnel to participate in the activities of the tubular screw conveyor department this fact. Non-professional operators need to under the guidance of professional electrical components and control buttons. In tubular screw conveyor operating, not disconnect the inverter after class. If you need training, you will need to terminate tubular screw conveyor of production capacity. If the operation is not completed, will damage the tube screw conveyor.

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