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Wheat stainless steel screw conveyor-screw discharge machine

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-16
2019-12-04 10:47:57 Wheat stainless steel screw conveyor is divided into two types: horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw loading conveyor. It is mainly used for horizontal conveying and vertical lifting of various powder, granular and small pieces of loose materials. During the conveying process, the materials can be stirred, mixed, heated and cooled. The material flow can be adjusted through the loading and unloading gate. Collectively referred to as stainless steel screw conveyor or screw discharger. Working principle of    wheat stainless steel screw conveyor:    wheat stainless steel screw conveyor uses a rotating screw to move the conveyed materials along a fixed casing for conveying. It can directly automatically convey powdery or granular materials into the hopper. The material contact surface is made of 304 stainless steel. During the transportation process, the raw materials are completely free from pollution and foreign objects are not brought in. Fully enclosed automation is realized in the production process. It is easy to install and movable. Multiple mixers can convey the same material. Only one feeder can feed multiple conveyors at the same time. This eliminates the trouble of manual feeding and makes the feeding work safer and more efficient. Save time and effort.   Wheat stainless steel screw conveyor features:    1. The stainless steel screw conveyor has a compact structure. Small cross-sectional area and light weight. Good sealing performance. The conveying efficiency is high. Flexible process layout. Installed. Demolish. Easy to move. Safe operation. It is not easy to produce corrosion. Pitting. Rust or abrasion.   2. There are two types of conveying, horizontal or inclined. There is a discharge valve at the lower end of the inlet. And the screw can be reversed discharge. So discharging and cleaning are very convenient.   3. Stainless steel screw conveyor is mainly acid resistant. Alkali resistant. High temperature or low temperature resistance. Wearable. The advantages of not easy to rust and not easy to contaminate materials. The material can be 304. 316L. 321. Or some special occasions use titanium steel and other materials. Choose suitable stainless steel materials according to different fields of use.
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