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What types of spiral troughs does the screw conveyor have

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-07
2012-03-25 09:03:08 What types of spiral troughs are there for screw conveyors? The troughs are generally U-shaped steel troughs with a length of 3000 or 3660mm. The spiral trough body has a top cover, if necessary, the top cover can be made into a dust-proof type. The U-shaped spiral trough of the angle steel flange is commonly used. The top flange is made of heavy-duty structural angle steel and flat welded with the upper edge of the spiral trough. The end flange is welded by a master and is guaranteed to be aligned with the end of the adjacent tank. The U-shaped spiral trough of the flange flange is a trough made of a uniform piece of steel plate hemming. The trough made in this way is light and strong. The end flange is welded with a mold to ensure that it is connected to the adjacent trough. Faced with accuracy. The U-shaped spiral groove body of the double-fold flange is a groove body made of a unified steel plate by double-folding. This greatly increases the strength and rigidity of the tank. When it is connected with the top cover with flange and with proper gasket material, it can achieve effective dust-proof sealing. The channel steel U-shaped spiral trough is suitable for the occasions where the support distance of the screw conveyor is required to be long. The upper side of the trough is made of structural channel steel, which can be connected with the lower semicircular section trough with bolts or spring clips. U-shaped spiral trough with flow bottom: This type of spiral trough is suitable for occasions that require quick and easy access to the inside of the loading conveyor. The U-shaped spiral trough of the flow bottom is composed of a rigid upper channel steel and a lower semicircular section trough upper body. One side of the semicircular section trough is a hinged surface, and the other side is clamped by a spring clip or other forms of energy. Quick opening connection device.
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