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What types of conveyors and accessories are commonly used?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-15

Continuous conveying machinery refers to a mechanical device that transports or transports bulk materials and finished products along a certain route in a continuous, uniform and stable conveying mode, referred to as conveying machinery.

Types of conveying machinery:

Roller conveyor, belt conveyor, slat conveyor, trolley conveyor, Escalators, moving walks, scraper conveyors, buried scraper conveyors, bucket conveyors, bucket elevators, hanging conveyors and aerial ropeways, etc.


1. belt

2. Drive (electric drum): motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer, coupling, brake (backstop) and other components.

3. Transmission drum: It is the main component of transmission power. Roller diameter (cm): 500, 630, 800, 1000. The surface of the drum is: steel smooth, herringbone and diamond pattern rubber cover.

4. Reverse roller: used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt or increase the surrounding angle between the conveyor belt and the drive roller.

5. Idler: It is used to support the conveyor belt and the materials carried on the conveyor belt to ensure the stable operation of the conveyor belt.

Groove type idler parallel idler self-aligning idler buffer idler return idler over idler

6. Tensioning device: Make the conveyor belt have enough tension to ensure the friction force between the conveyor belt and the drive roller, so that the conveyor belt does not slip, and limit the sag of the loading conveyor belt between the rollers, so that the conveyor can run normally.

Spiral tensioning, vertical tensioning, heavy hammer car tensioning, fixed winch type.

7. Cleaner: used to clean the material adhering to the conveyor belt. There are two types of head cleaners and empty section cleaners.

Unloading device, guide chute: The unloading device is used for unloading at any point in the middle of the conveyor. The speed is less than or equal to 2.5m/s, the particle size of the material is below 50mm, and the conveyor with the vulcanized joint of the conveyor belt is used. Feeding chute: The materials falling from the hopper are concentrated to the middle of the conveyor belt before reaching the speed, and the width of the bottom edge of the feeding chute is 2/3-1/2 width.

9. Frame: The support roller and the device to bear the tension of the conveyor belt.

10. Head funnel: a device used to pour material and control the direction of material flow, and can also play a role in preventing dust.

Safety protection device: a device for monitoring and alarming when the loading conveyor fails during operation, which can make the conveyor system work safely and operate normally, prevent damage to mechanical parts, and protect the safety of operators. At the same time, it is convenient for centralized control and improves the automation level. There are also anti-deviation switches, anti-slip detection devices, anti-pull rope switches, and anti-longitudinal tear detectors.

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