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What to regularly maintain the mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-23
The invention and use of the mobile conveyor greatly facilitated our work and life, not only liberating the labor force, but also greatly improving production efficiency. We use mobile conveyors quite frequently in various industries. However, we also need to check and maintain it regularly after use. After the specific inspection content, we will introduce to you: The specific content of each component of the mobile conveyor that needs to be inspected regularly: 1) Whether there is abnormal sound in the driving device, check the temperature rise of the motor, reducer and high-speed shaft; 2) Roller bearing, support Whether there is abnormal sound from rotating parts such as rollers, and whether the temperature rise of the roller bearing seat is normal; 3) Visually observe whether the pattern conveyor belt is damaged and running smoothly; 4) Whether the belt idler and the support have material sticking or accumulation, and whether there is jamming And make necessary corrections and adjustments; 5) What is the cleaning effect of each cleaner, whether the cleaner is vibrating, and make necessary corrections; 6) Whether the rubber skirt of the guide trough is firm, and the gap between the high-temperature conveyor belt Whether it is appropriate, whether there is any overflow at the hopper and the material guide, and make necessary corrections; 7) Whether there is a part with too small gap during the whole process of the rubber conveyor belt; 8) Whether the electrical interlocking is malfunctioning; 9) Pulling Whether the tension of the tight wire rope is appropriate, and make necessary corrections; 10) Whether all the fastening bolts, including jack screws, are loose, and make necessary corrections; 11) When increasing the load, check the running situation, the most important one includes checking the load flow Whether it is stable, check whether the raw materials will splash outside the conveyor belt, check whether the belt cleaner is normal, and adjust it, check whether the nylon conveyor belt is off-track, and adjust; 12) Make necessary measurement records, the main measurement content includes: bearing Temperature measurement, transportation belt speed measurement, current measurement, motor temperature measurement, reducer temperature measurement; 13) Belt moving conveyor adjustment, during trial operation, any problems found should be resolved in time to make it meet the installation standards and prevent The rubber belt is off-track, and the reasons for it are analyzed in many ways. The following points are also included: 1. The installation frame is not level, which causes all the industrial conveyor belts to deviate to the higher side; 2. The parallel roller support frame is not level, which causes the belt to deviate to buffer. The higher side of the idler; 3. The belt loading conveyor idler bracket is not tightly fixed, causing looseness and deflection; 4. The groove-shaped idler rotates inflexibly, and the friction increases, which causes the belt to deflect; 5. The ellipticity of the conveyor idler is not enough , Or foreign matter attached to the roller group, causing the roller to be out of round; 6. The installation of the rubber-coated roller fails to form a 90-degree angle with the conveyor belt, causing deviation; 7. The drive roller itself is eccentric and out of round; 8. Redirect to the roller The eccentricity is not round due to foreign matter attached; 9. Improper installation of the tension motor drum or the guide rod is not vertical, resulting in obstacles to the tension drum; 10. Improper installation of the accessory devices of the belt moving conveyor, such as skirts, cleaners, etc., causing anti-skid belt deviation; 11. The improper joint of belt conveyor equipment causes the longitudinal length to be different, and the tension is different; 12. The feeding point of the belt conveyor is not correct, which causes the round pit conveyor belt to deviate; 13. Industrial rubber belt pulls Insufficient tightening force causes deviation; 14. Outdoor conveyors are deflected due to the action of wind; 15. The rollers and buffer rollers of the endless belt moving conveyor are soaked with water or oil, and the tension is not uniform. Summarize the deviation adjustment method of the large-incline conveyor belt as a whole. Generally, the deviation can be run near the head, and the head roller and transmission can be adjusted. In the direction of the bearing seat of the moving drum, loosen the bolt and top wire, add shims or adjust the top wire, tighten the bolt after adjustment, run off near the tail, check whether the tension of the two tensioned steel wire ropes is the same, and give it after checking. Solve, or adjust the direction of the tension roller bearing seat. I hope you can check and maintain your mobile conveyor in time after reading these. Only in this way can its service life be extended.
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