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What to pay attention to when transporting materials by anti-skid conveyor chain plate machine

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-23
What kind of anti-skid loading conveyor chain plate machine should pay attention to when transporting materials, which anti-skid conveyor chain plate machine should pay attention to when transporting materials. Professionals from the above conveyor chain plate manufacturer introduced us to the relevant use of anti-skid conveyor chain plate, then about the operation of anti-skid chain plate conveyor How much do you know, let’s take a brief look at it below: When the anti-skid chain conveyor is transporting materials, the temperature difference should not be too large or the conveyor’s long crossing is too long, severely causing the anti-skid loading conveyor to tighten or The phenomenon of slack, when we encounter this situation, we can use the method of adding an idler in the middle, and then use the weight of the idler to achieve various purposes of tensioning the anti-skid chain, or use the spring tension mechanism. The upper anti-skid conveyor chain plate is in a tensioned state, and the chain on the same-entry anti-skid chain plate conveyor needs to be lubricated. Otherwise, it will cause crying noise after long-term operation. At this time, it can be carried out at the bottom of the anti-skid conveyor chain Corresponding lubrication comes to achieve the corresponding result. We have seen from the above that the chain conveyor also has a wide range of adaptable applications in the bottling industry.
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