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What to pay attention to when installing a vibrating feeder

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-18
The vibrating feeder is a device used to transport block and granular properties, which can continuously and uniformly transport the material to the receiving device. The structure is simple, the power consumption is small, and the feeding amount can be adjusted evenly. The vibrating feeder can be used in the production lines of mines, gravel yards, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mineral processing, coal mines and other industries. The vibrating feeder should be installed smoothly. The continuous feeding of general materials can be tilted down by 10 degrees, if it is used for viscous materials and materials with high water content, it can be tilted down by 15 degrees. After installation, when starting up and running, check the bolt tightening of the equipment again. During the test, the two vibration motors should rotate in opposite directions. Check the stability of current and noise. If there is any abnormality, deal with it in time. The motor bearings should be filled with lubricating oil once every two months. If it is used in the high temperature season, it should be filled once a month. Xinxiang Vibration Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in lifting equipment, vibration machinery, feeding machinery, and screw conveyors. Welcome new and old users to call and order.
Problems for attention when using and maintaining stainless steel trough screw conveyor
The stainless steel trough screw loading conveyor needs to be overhauled after a certain period of use. The main overhaul parts include: hanging bearings in the trough, spiral blades, spiral shafts, and sealing rings at the trough connection. 1. Suspension bearing is an important part of screw loading conveyor. Long-distance loading conveyor tanks are connected with suspension bearings. If the suspension bearing is blocked by materials, it is very easy to cause the screw shaft to break, so if necessary during maintenance Replace in time.   2. The spiral blade carries the material pushing operation. The spiral blade pushes the material to the discharge end during the rotation. If the specific gravity of the material is too large, or the screw conveyor is overloaded, it will easily cause the spiral blade to break. Therefore, you can rotate the blade to check whether the blade has cracks during maintenance and reinforce it in time.  3. The sealing ring is to prevent the material from leaking from the connection part during the conveying process. The connecting part of the screw shaft and the motor and the reducer outside the tank will be worn due to long-term operation. After the sealing ring is worn, the material will easily leak out of the gap. Therefore, check it after the shutdown and replace it in time.
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