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What to pay attention to when installing a vertical vibration hoist

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
2012-11-04 10:13:08 The vertical vibration hoist uses the excitation force of the vibration motor to generate vibration, so that the material is continuously conveyed in the spiral groove. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. It is mainly composed of support pipes and spiral conveying grooves. , Support spring, machine base and vibration motor, spiral conveying groove is welded and installed on the support pipe, and the receiving plate is arranged at the lower part, and the discharge port is arranged at the upper end. Two vibration motors are selected, and the characteristic curve and slip rate are close to the same. The friction resistance moment is almost equal. It can adopt double output shafts or single output shafts. It is installed on the chassis crosswise. The whole machine is supported on vibration isolation springs. It is suitable for vertical conveying of various powder, granular and block materials. , The lower feeding and upper discharging are driven by the vibrating motor to complete the conveying operation. While conveying the material, it can also cool and dry the material. When installing the hoist, pay attention to the horizontal and vertical state of the support pipe. The non-verticality of its axis is not more than two thousandths of the total height. It must be kept a certain distance from the surrounding equipment to prevent influence or noise from vibration. Xinxiang Vibration Machinery is A manufacturer specializing in lifting equipment, vibrating machinery, and screw conveyors. The products have good performance and high efficiency. Welcome new and old users to call and order.
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