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What to pay attention to when choosing screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-23
2012-10-11 08:19:42 Screw conveyor is a very versatile material conveying equipment. It is suitable for horizontal or less than 20° inclination angle. It can convey powdery and granular materials. It is not suitable for conveying materials that are highly viscous and easy to agglomerate. , If the material is highly viscous and easy to agglomerate, the material will stick to the spiral and the conveyor will not operate normally. When selecting a screw conveyor, it depends on the conveying capacity when conveying materials. Of course, the larger the better. When used with the screen machine, the feed volume of the screen machine should be calculated and the conveying volume should be controlled. In order to design the conveyor model reasonably. Increasing the conveying speed can increase the conveying capacity of the conveyor. High-speed belt conveyors need to pay attention to vibration, noise and start-up issues. The conveying speed of the chain conveyor should not be too high to prevent the increase of the dynamic load. The component size of the loading conveyor will also affect the conveying capacity of the screw feeder. The length and inclination of the loading conveyor line directly affect the total resistance of the conveyor and the required power. , The conveyor has direct parallel feeding, and some have a certain inclination angle. The screw feeder motor can choose adjustable speed motor and ordinary motor to control the conveying speed and the conveying volume per hour. Xinxiang Machinery is engaged in Manufacturers of vibration machinery and conveying equipment have good product performance and high efficiency. Welcome to inquire.
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