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What to do if the mobile belt conveyor is smoking

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-03
When we are using belt conveyors, we are most afraid of the problem of smoking, but it is inevitable. There are many reasons for this failure, and we can eliminate them one by one. First of all, it may be because the dust bag is damaged, which will make the dust removal equipment very weak from the top and bottom, and the connection between the ceiling will gradually become loose. If it is smoking in an instant, then the first thing to do is to replace all the dust bags, especially the ones that have been severely damaged. We can also suspend the dust removal equipment, and then clean all the dust inside the machine. Finally, Open the hole door. Remove all the dust bag. Next time we install a new cloth bag, we can clean the dust on the ceiling. The dust nature of the aerator is very dispersed, where the airflow is, the dust will be there, so we must make the processing quality of the skeleton reach the best. When servicing the machine, you must do a good job of protection to avoid injury.
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