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What should I do when there is a problem with the conveying accessories of the belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-28
For the loading conveyor accessories of belt conveyors, some faults are relatively common, such as the breaking of the conveyor network. This is to replace the aging or broken conveyor belt in time, or to choose to compare the logistics performance. Stable material, but also pay attention to waterproofing and cooling, and another part is the joint, which should be checked regularly to prevent it.

Aging of Mesh Belt of Belt

Aging Mesh Belt of Belt If there is a problem, please ask the relevant personnel to replace it in time, and pay attention not to hang the mesh belt on other fixed equipment, or drop it into the metal structure.

The conveyor mesh belt of the belt conveyor is deviated

For the conveying accessories, at this time, it is necessary to adjust the frame or the drum to keep it straight, and then adjust the idler, Then correct the conveyor belt, and ensure that the middle of the joint and the conveyor belt is vertical. There is also the need to adjust the location of the coal drop point. Sometimes the reducer is overheated. At this time, it is necessary to know that the amount of oil in the machine must be injected according to the specified requirements, and the interior should be cleaned regularly, and the oil or bearings should be replaced in time. There is also a situation where the motor is hot and hot. First, it is necessary to clear the dust around the motor, measure the power of the motor, check the cause of the load, and add lubricating oil to the transmission parts of the conveying equipment.

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