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What problems should be paid attention to when installing a large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
2021-02-26 16:15:56 The installation of the belt conveyor has a great influence on the operation situation, so we must do a good job of related matters during the installation, and build a good foundation for a good operation process. The correct operation of the large-incline belt loading conveyor can not only ensure the normal and orderly completion of the operation, but also extend its service life. Therefore, when operating the belt loading conveyor with a large inclination, you should remember to strictly abide by the installation specifications and precautions. 1. Determine the position of the head and tail wheels according to the drawings, and make a cross line between the center line of the whole machine and the center line of the head and tail wheels. 2. When installing the headstock and tailstock, the centerline of the headstock and tailstock should be used as the reference. The legs of the center frame and the main frame should be installed from one end at a time. The displacement of the joint of the intermediate frame should not exceed 1mm. 3. The level of the frame is not more than 0.5mm within 1000m, and the parallelism with the centerline is not more than 1.0mm/m. 4. Install the convex arc section pressure pulley, put the annular tape on the convex arc section pressure pulley, put the active roller and the passive roller on the endless conveyor belt and install them on the frame, and install the concave arc section pressure pulley. 5. The verticality of the center line of the roller and the idler with the center line of the frame is not greater than 1. The drum and the idler should rotate flexibly after installation without obvious jamming. 6. Adjust the connection position, preliminarily tension the conveyor belt, install the drive position, install the cleaner and other components. 7. The contact surface between the scraper of the cleaning device and the tape should not be less than 70% of the bandwidth. 8. The forward adjustment stroke of the tensioning device should not be less than 100mm. 9. When installing a shaft-mounted reducer, turn the input shaft by hand to see if it is flexible and abnormal. Otherwise, it should be eliminated in time. At the same time, check whether grease or lubricating oil has been installed in the reducer, and the belt pulley and reducer on the motor The general error of the upper and lower plane of the belt pulley is not more than 10mm. 10. Pay attention to the installation direction of the anti-reverse device, and make sure that the downward direction of the motor belt pulley is consistent with the positive direction of the decelerating high-speed shaft. 11. Check whether there is noise during operation, check whether the electricity is normal, and check whether the bearing temperature rises too fast. 12. When installing the oil-cooled electric drum, connect the electricity before the belt on the conveyor, so that the running direction of the electric drum is consistent with the positive direction of the belt, and make clear marks to prevent incorrect connection during official operation. Check whether the electric drum has been filled with cooling oil, and the oil level is two-thirds of the drum radius. If too much cooling oil is added, the excess part must be removed to the specified height in time. 13. During operation, adjust the tensioning device to ensure that the conveyor belt does not slip during operation, and adjust the conveying direction of the conveyor belt during idling and loading.
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