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What problem should note conveying roller in the runtime

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-17

one, before starting to food delivery must conduct a comprehensive inspection of all parts of machinery, pay attention to the above the conveyor belt whether someone or other sundry, after check to make sure there is no problem to start running in the future.

2, after the conveyor and conveyor roller start, idle before a loop, check all parts have no problem to put food on the raw materials for operation.

3, at the beginning of the conveyor belt after formal operation, must have the relevant operating personnel guards, if necessary, to patrol on time, if find abnormal situation in a timely manner to eliminate, if not immediately ruled out, to cut off power supply in time.

4, when conveying roller in the process of operation, food raw materials wandering skid or vibrations, and so on and so forth, have to be specific adjustments in a timely manner, if can't adjust, is produced to cut off the power to stop the work in time.

in the end, the conveying roller in operation should pay attention to check the motor, gearbox and drive gear parts is normal, should be timely cleaning the braking device is valid, check in the accident. Also to robustness check of each connection point, do not crack, not have deformation cannot have abnormal noise, especially for motor often to the professional instrument for measuring inspection, do the necessary maintenance and fixed on a regular basis, problems should be timely maintenance.

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