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What material is the mesh belt conveyor made of?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-01-30
The use of the mesh belt conveyor must be very easy: the mesh belt conveyor will try to avoid the direct exposure of the mesh belt conveyor to the abrasive material by arranging the chain cover; when the mesh belt loading conveyor is exposed to the abrasive material The appropriate conveyor style must be ordered during the period; slow down the chain speed as much as possible; to eliminate the tension of the hinge formed by the pin and sleeve of the mesh belt conveyor, please order many sizes of mesh belt conveyor; use excess grease lubricant.

The most popular material for mesh belt conveyors is steel. The cleaning machine mesh belt conveyor plays a very important role in the bubble cleaning machine. The material of the mesh belt conveyor is steel, so the bubble cleaning machine has high hardness, low flexibility, not easy to deform, easy to maintain, and it is more clean, corrosion-resistant or harsh environment.

The corrosion resistance of Zhejiang mesh belt conveyor is its necessary characteristic. Another major feature of the steel mesh chain is the multi-purpose type. Many food sales points see the high corrosion resistance of steel mesh chains, get rid of the original loading conveyor mesh belt conveyors, and use cleaning machine mesh belt conveyors instead, such as the original baking ovens for snack sales points, which were renamed from the original mesh belt conveyors The conveyor belt is a steel mesh chain structure, which not only saves materials, but also increases the function.

The segmented shape of the mesh belt loading conveyor has an irreplaceable advantage in the accident handling and replacement of the chain conveyor, and it is the most scalable among the overall conveyor belts. When the other chain plate of the conveyor fails, you can only install and repair the chain plate or replace the broken chain piece in it.

The above is the relevant content of the mesh belt conveyor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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