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What kind of screw conveyor is of good quality?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
2019-12-09 15:44:42 The screw conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment with a wide range of uses. It is divided from the angle of the displacement direction of the conveying material. The screw conveyor is divided into three types: horizontal, inclined and vertical. It is suitable for conveying all kinds of loose materials such as powder, granule and small block. The following editor will introduce you what kind of screw loading conveyor is of good quality? Four aspects reflect the good quality of the screw conveyor: quality: The pipe wall thickness of the screw conveyor shall not be less than 10mm, and the pipe wall shall not be less than 10mm. It is a strict requirement for the national working conditions. This is because individual manufacturers are producing In order to save costs during the process, the tube wall was reduced to 3mm. When the user first started using it, there was no obvious feeling. After 3 to 6 months, the product will have a small delivery volume, low delivery efficiency, and product problems. In severe cases, It will also cause the production line to stop, so everyone must pay attention when buying. Quality performance: The blades of the screw conveyor have no clear standards for the thickness of 6~8mm spiral blades in the country, but it is usually about 80% of the tube wall thickness, that is, about 6~8mm. It can also be based on the wear resistance of the material. Degree to thicken. The blade is a component that wears quickly. When the thickness of the blade is not enough, it will be worn very thin, and the conveying capacity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the quality of the blades of the screw conveyor must also be strictly controlled. Quality performance: The bearing of the screw conveyor plays a role of lubrication and support. The bearing is an important part of the screw conveyor which plays a role of lubrication and support when the screw body of the screw conveyor rotates. The screw conveyor must use sliding bearings, and add dust-proof devices and seal Ring or gasket. General rolling bearings do not have a sealing device, and the sealing effect is also much worse. After a long time of use, the spiral body receives a lot of friction when it rotates, and the conveying efficiency of the whole machine will drop a lot. Quality manifestation: The driving device is composed of a vibration motor and a reduction motor. The driving device of the screw conveyor is composed of a vibration motor and a reduction motor. The motor is the heart of the entire screw conveyor. The purchase of the motor directly affects the life of the whole machine. There are two main points for purchasing a motor: 1. Brand; 2. Explosion-proof; 3. Waterproof requirements, etc. When you buy equipment, you must buy high-quality motors of big brands, such as Nanyang Electric, Jiamusi Electric, etc., which are all big-brand motors recognized by the majority of users. The above are the four aspects that reflect the good quality of the screw conveyor. The quality of the screw conveyor is the main criterion for purchase. I hope that all users will not cause large losses due to small losses (don’t be greedy for cheap yo~) Screw conveyors hope to be introduced by the editor You can have a more in-depth understanding. If you have any questions about the transportation options, you can call the machinery, and we will arrange for professionals to give you a professional answer~
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