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What kind of conveyor is used for conveying concrete and analysis of conveying problems

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-02
Conveyors are a big category, and this is beyond doubt. So on question one, the answer is yes. Specifically speaking, it refers to a conveying machine used to continuously convey materials on a certain route. And, generally speaking, the conveying route of the conveyor is fixed. Among them, the auger conveyor, also called screw conveyor, is widely used. For conveying concrete, it is more appropriate to use a screw conveyor, because its advantages are reliable work, low cost, and good sealing performance. In addition, there are many options in the conveying direction. During the conveying process, it is convenient to carry out intermediate loading and unloading. Therefore, there is this conclusion, and therefore, there is the above answer. After the loading conveyor is started, the material cannot be transported. The specific reason is the following points. One, if it is a belt conveyor, then the belt may be slipping or its tension is inappropriate . Second, the power of the loading conveyor motor is too small, or the transportation volume exceeds the upper limit. At this time, the motor power should be appropriately increased, or the transportation volume should be appropriately reduced. For conveyors, an important website product, I believe that through the above questions and the specific answers, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of it. As long as they are treated and carried out seriously, they can also learn new things from learning. In order to expand their knowledge in this area, instead of gaining nothing.
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