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What is the principle of preventing deviation on the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-18
Many people know that belt conveyors sometimes deviate from the conveyor belt, and the fundamental reason for the deviation of the loading conveyor belt is: the resultant force of the external force on the belt in the width direction of the belt is not zero or perpendicular to the belt. Caused by uneven tensile stress in the width direction. Therefore, in order to prevent the deviation of the loading conveyor belt, it is necessary to fundamentally solve this phenomenon or failure. Today we will learn how to prevent the deviation of the conveyor belt. Since there are many factors that cause the tape to deviate, it is necessary to start with the design, manufacturing, installation and debugging, use and maintenance of the conveyor to solve the problem if the tightness of the tape on both sides of the tape is not the same. The tape moves to the tight side; if the height of the two sides of the tape is different, the tape moves to the higher side; if the roller bracket and other devices are not installed on the vertical section of the tape running direction, but one end is in front, If one end is behind, the tape will move to the back end. The conveyor may have some unavoidable failures due to various external reasons during work. In this case, we need to fully understand the structure of the machinery and the reasons for the failure of the machinery. The machinery also reminds everyone to take care of our machinery. Avoid possible damage due to improper operation and other reasons.
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