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What is the price of the mobile screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-06
2021-03-02 09:46:15 Click on the Technical Department: The secondary mobile screw conveyor is a kind of screw conveyor. It is characterized by a universal wheel installed on the base, which can make the screw conveyor move at will, especially suitable for Unfixed position operations such as bulk material loading. The following editor will introduce you to the price of mobile screw conveyor ~ [quote] New price of mobile screw conveyor! : 6500-56000 yuan/set (Note: Compared with ordinary screw conveyors, mobile screw conveyors have more universal wheels installed at the bottom, so the price of the mechanism will be slightly different. Compared with ordinary screw conveyors, the price The price will be higher than 100 yuan.) Three factors that affect the price of a mobile screw conveyor: The price of a mobile screw conveyor is mainly related to the model, and among the factors of the model, the price of the mobile screw conveyor Tripartite factors such as structure, material, and transmission power are also important factors that directly affect prices. The following editor will introduce to you what are the differences in these three aspects? Differences in structure: The structure of products with and without shafts results in different prices. There is a gap in the structural characteristics of mobile screw conveyors. One of the obvious is that the central axis is divided into axis and non-axis. Although they only have a difference of one screw axis, the price is still a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. The specific difference depends on the model difference. Different materials: carbon steel and stainless steel are selected, resulting in different prices. Mobile screw conveyors are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The price of stainless steel is about twice as expensive. Stainless steel is mainly used in industries that require high transportation environment. Clean High degree, no pollutant material, long use time, and relatively high cost. Carbon steel material can be mainly used in some places where the material requirements are not very strict or correct, and the hygiene of the screw conveyor is not particularly required, for example: some granular industries such as coal, lime, and stones. The size of the power: the higher the power, the more expensive the transmission power, resulting in different prices. The transmission power of the mobile screw conveyor is different. Generally speaking, the conveying rate of the screw conveyor used in factories and enterprises is 135t/h. , The price of high transmission power will be a little higher; while the small mobile screw conveyor used by households and small enterprises has a transmission rate of 10t/h, and the price of low transmission power will be relatively low; high; Compared with low-volume screw conveyors, the price will be several thousand yuan or even tens of thousands yuan higher. The above are the three factors of the price of the mobile screw loading conveyor analyzed by the editor for you. I hope that all customers who want to buy the machine can buy a suitable mobile screw conveyor at a low price~
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