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What is the price of starch GX screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-04
2019-12-10 13:37:36 Technical Department Starch is a powdery material, so according to its nature, it is recommended that you use GX screw conveyor (tubular screw conveyor) to screen starch, it is generally used The equipment for continuous conveying of bulk materials such as powder, small granules and small blocks. In a closed pipeline, chain pieces are used as transmission components to drive starch to move along the pipeline. The following editor will briefly talk about the price of the GX screw conveyor used in the starch production line. [Quotation] The price of starch GX screw conveyor is 7500~35500 yuan. Note: Starch is mostly used in the food industry, so it requires a higher sanitary environment. Therefore, we recommend that you use the GX screw conveyor made of food stainless steel to convey starch. What factors affect the price of starch GX screw conveyor? Factor 1: The material is specially selected for starch conveying, which is clean and hygienic. The material of the GX screw conveyor used for starch conveying is mainly stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material with superior high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion performance. The whole machine uses high-quality stainless steel. The inside and outside are fully polished without burrs, and the closed structure is also guaranteed. In order to meet the hygienic requirements, the sesame seeds produced by the company fully meet the national food standards. Factor two: a variety of pipe diameters and lengths for selection, long-distance transportation. The model of starch GX screw loading conveyor is calculated according to pipe diameter and length. The price of different pipe diameter and length is different. GX screw conveyor has a long conveying distance of up to 60 meters. Generally speaking, under the same model , The price increases by 200-600 yuan for every 1 meter increase in length. Factor three: factory direct-sale manufacturer, quality and low price. The machinery has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources in the production of starch GX screw conveyors! Therefore, the price is higher than that of other manufacturers' equipment, but as a direct-selling manufacturer, it saves a lot of time-consuming and laborious intermediate links, so we will give you a low price while ensuring the quality! Let you concentrate on sifting, use with peace of mind, and buy with confidence! The above is the price-related news of starch GX screw conveyor brought to you by the editor. The price is closely related to the choice of material, model and manufacturer! If you still have questions that you don’t understand, please call the customer service department. We will arrange professionals to bring you one-to-one accurate answers.
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