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What is the method to adjust the deviation or skipping of the mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-13
In normal use, some customers have reported that the mesh belt loading conveyor has the phenomenon of deviation or jumping teeth. First, when purchasing the mesh belt conveyor, you must choose the right company, and only the right company can have qualified products. If it appears after use The phenomenon of running deviation or jumping teeth should be adjusted from the following aspects.    It is mentioned that the mesh belt conveyor is no longer in any industry that has conveying homework. It is affirmed from the design to the function to the service life. The conveyor shows itself in the conveying industry with its unique characteristics. Although the advantages are prominent, the mesh belt conveyor is not without defects. After the user's intrinsic use of the feedback signal in recent years, the mesh belt conveyor is in the model, Noise and aesthetics still need to be improved.     First measure the verticality of the positive axis, the driven axis and the side panels, and reach the positive axis, the driven axis and the side panels to be 90° vertical. Measure the level and verticality of the fuselage to prevent the fuselage There is a'parallelogram' phenomenon. The mesh belt or chain is tensioned on both sides synchronously, so that one side is tight and the other is loose. Measure whether the mesh belt pitch matches the sprocket pitch. As long as there is no deviation in the above parameters of the mesh belt conveyor, then There will be no deviation or skipping of teeth.     At this moment, the need for mesh belt conveyors in the shopping mall is increasing, and there are more and more manufacturers, but most of them are as the saying goes. There is still a big gap in the Ru0026D and design of the mesh belt conveyor, which is just simulation. The first design of the mesh belt conveyor is the main location for good and bad after use. Correct design and specialized manufacturing are the fundamentals of the quality of the mesh belt loading conveyor. Good design It is not only durable, low energy consumption, low noise and elegant, but also can be used with a complete assembly line.
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