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What is the main reason for the slippage of the mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
There are many reasons for the slippage of the mesh belt conveyor during production and operation. Let's talk about the frequently seen in operation and the treatment methods: First, the load of the mesh belt conveyor is too large, which exceeds the load of the motor. The ability to therefore skid. At this time, the transportation volume of the conveyed materials should be reduced or the bearing capacity of the conveyor itself should be increased. Second, the starting speed of the mesh belt conveyor is too fast, causing slipping. At this time, it should be started slowly or restarted after two jog again, which can also overcome the phenomenon of slipping. Third, the initial tension is too small. The reason is that the tension of the mesh belt loading conveyor is not enough when it leaves the drum, which causes the conveyor belt to slip. The method to deal with at this time is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension. Fourth, the roller bearing of the mesh belt conveyor is damaged and does not rotate. The reason may be too much dust accumulation or failure to overhaul and replace parts that have been severely worn and inflexible to rotate, resulting in increased resistance and slipping. Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes your inquiries, we speak with products, quality, and service.
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