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What is the difference between tubular screw conveyor and u-shaped screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-05
09-05 16:21:23 According to different shapes, screw conveyors can be divided into two types: tubular and u-shaped. This article will mainly introduce the difference between the two screw conveyors: 1. Different shapes of tubular screw conveyors It is made of seam steel pipe, the shape is round tube, the U-shaped screw conveyor is U-shaped casing, that is, U-shaped groove design. 2. Different materials. Tubular screw conveyors can incline powder, granular and small pieces of materials horizontally, such as conveying flour, cereals, cement, fertilizer, ash, sand, stones, coal powder, small coal and other materials. The u-shaped screw conveyor is mainly used for bulk material transportation. Because of its good sealing performance, it avoids the pollution of the environment caused by dust overflow at the time of conveying powdery materials. 3. With different conveying conditions, the tubular screw conveyor can be arranged in a horizontal or inclined conveying form (the inclination angle of GX type is less than 200°, LS type is less than 150°). The conveying inclination angle of u-shaped screw conveyor does not exceed 15°. 4. Different conveying capacity. Tubular screw conveyors can convey 142m³ of materials per hour. The diameter of the round pipe ranges from 100mm to 1250mm. There are twelve specifications, and it can convey 142 cubic meters per hour. U-shaped screw conveyor can transport 134 cubic meters of materials per hour. 5. Different conveying lengths. Tubular screw conveyors are divided into two types: single-drive and double-drive. The length of single-drive screw can reach 40m (extra-large 30m), and the double-drive screw adopts an intermediate broken shaft structure with a length of 80m (Extra-large 60m), the length of the screw machine is one step per 0.5m, which can be selected according to needs. When the length of the u-shaped screw conveyor is less than 35m, it is a single-axis drive screw, and when the length is greater than 35m, it is a double-axis drive screw. U-shaped screw conveyor is suitable for small-scale transportation, not long-distance transportation. The above is the difference between tubular screw loading conveyor and u-shaped screw loading conveyor summarized by the editor. I hope it can help you better distinguish and choose products.
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