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What is the cause of belt slippage of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-28
Belt conveyor belts sometimes slip, what causes this? The machine analyzes and solves the problem for you 1. The belt slippage of the belt loading conveyor with heavy hammer tensioning device can be solved by adding a counterweight when the belt is slipped with a heavy hammer tensioning device, until the belt does not slip. But it should not be added too much, so as to avoid unnecessary excessive tension on the belt and reduce the service life of the belt. 2. Slippage of spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor When the spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor is slipping, the tensioning stroke can be adjusted to increase the tensioning force. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough and the belt is deformed. At this time, the belt can be cut off and vulcanized again. 3. The use of nylon belt or EP requires a long tensioning stroke. When the stroke is not enough, it can be re-vulcanized or increased the tensioning stroke to solve the problem. The belt conveyor can be designed to be parallel in use, or to give different angles accordingly, which can be designed according to the customer's site requirements.
Handling expert of belt loading conveyor sand and gravel production line
With the rectification of sand and gravel production lines across the country, it is particularly important to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregates, especially for concrete companies that use sand accounting for nearly 85% of all sand, and the demand for high-quality machine-made sand is increasing. , The transportation capacity from bottom to top is indispensable, so high-quality belt conveyor is indispensable. At present, due to the substandard environmental protection, many sand and gravel projects that are about to be launched are forced to stop. When constructing new gravel production line projects, more attention is paid to environmental protection. Therefore, all screens and belt conveyors are required to adopt a fully enclosed design and install spray guns. Shower device to reduce dust pollution. Therefore, investment in sand and gravel production line equipment projects need to be equipped with appropriate feeders, circular vibrating screens, sand washing machines, belt conveyors and other equipment according to the specific conditions, which depends on the size of the site and the specifications of the finished materials. Once completed, the sand and gravel production line can benefit in the long term. When considering the choice of feeder, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt loading conveyor and other equipment in the investment sand and gravel production line equipment project, you should not just consider the purchase of equipment. Funds must also take into account the initial investment costs, operating costs and maintenance costs.
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